one way degassing valve said stray dog overnight operation

29 Mar 2018

Do people have thought that? When the winter night falls, people sit in the cozy coffee shop with two or three friends, enjoy the relaxing and cozy time which coffee and hot tea brought, but there was a group of little ones at the outside of window were spending the hardest time of one day in the cold.

On the island of Lesvos in Greece, there is such a unique coffee shop, they will be punctual close the shop at 3a.m for every day, and after customers have left, they will invite the street stray dogs come into the house, and let them sleep on the sofa in the shop for overnight. one way degassing valve informs you that in fact this action of stray dog stay overnight has begun at the year of 2015, some people saw this scene in the coffee shop, photographed and uploaded to facebook, the whole thing quickly spread to people around the world.

The netizens from all over the world are moved by this small move which full of positive energy:

"It was a beautiful place. When I went there, I noticed that there were many stray cats and stray dogs need helps. Now someone finally stood out to take the lead."

"It is so kind and heartwarming. We should all do our best, open our arms and our house door to be kind to these lovely and loyal friends, and they deserve our love."

"What can we do to take good care of these dogs here? God bless those well-intentioned people." Papanis replied: "Thank you for your attention and it would be nice to forward this message.”

"The coffee shop owner is willing to get rid of stereotypes and do his best to do something good which deserve to praise. It’s a wonderful and worthwhile event."

one way degassing valve said stray dog overnight operation

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Originally published 29 Mar 2018, updated 29 Mar 2018.


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