one way degassing valve said unauthorized construction

27 Mar 2018

Drinking coffee always associates with literary, petty bourgeoisie, and romance these words. When you are sitting in the street to bask in the sun and drink coffee. Those pedestrians have different appearances, costumes and expressions, contains endless emotions and stories. Many people say that the French have integrated their arrogance into their bones, express romances on their faces, and dissolved their interests into the blood. The first thing of many Parisians after wake up in the morning is to have coffee.

France is a romantic country. And French most understand romance and art. Their coffee culture reveals a romantic atmosphere. Now, the coffee lover takes you to appreciate the unusual French romance.

If you think coffee is used for drink, it means you have not been to Paris. On the streets of Paris, your afternoon time maybe have a seat with a cup of coffee. In front of Montparnasse's oldest coffee shop, there are many tables have a leather label which engraved the names of guests who sat in the same seat a century ago: Pablo Picasso, Maurice Ravel and Apollinaire. Today, these centuries-old shops are still full of friends today, and it’s difficult to look for a vacant seat.

Paris is not a big city, but there are nearly 12,000 cafes. This city pays attention to neat and cleans, but turn a blind eye for "illegal buildings" of outside the café.

one way degassing valve tells you that almost every café in Paris, the tables and chairs place on the sidewalk, and set up the colored outdoor tent. These cafes in Paris dare to do such illegal buildings, but not fear of punishment.

one way degassing valve said unauthorized construction

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Originally published 27 Mar 2018, updated 27 Mar 2018.


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