one way degassing valve salty coffee

one way degassing valve salty coffee

one way degassing valve would like to ask you it’s normal that add sugar or milk to the coffee,but can you imagine what’s the taste if add salt to the coffee?I think it’s very crazy.

It is said that salty coffee is from a romantic stories.An ordinary boy met an outstanding girl in a party and fell in love with her.He invited her to have coffee after the party,actually the girl did not want to date with him,but she agreed for politeness. When they sat in the coffee shop,the boy was too nervous to say anything,so the atmosphere was very embarrassed.

When the waiter brought the coffee to them,the boy suddenly ask some salt and added it to his coffee.The girl was very curious about this and asked him why.The boy explained that he was homesick,salty coffee could remind him of his childhood and family because he had been lived near the sea when he was a child,and he had not come back for a long time,drank salty coffee is an expression of missing his family.

Unexpectedly,the girl was deeply touched by his story,she though the boy must be a responsible person because he love his family very much.Then the girl also told the boy many things about her childhood,her hometown and her family.

Finally,they married and lived happily together.Later,every time they drank coffee,the girl would specially asked some salt for the boy,so the boy drank salty coffee for half a lifetime.

After four decades when he passed away,the girl found the truth that the boy exactly did not like drinking salty coffee when she saw the letter the man left to her.But the girl did not felt angry because she knew her husband love her very much.Salty coffee just a mistake he made due to nervous,but the boy did not tell the truth because he afraid that it would burn everything.So,he learned to enjoy salty coffee though he did not like it firstly.

That’s the romantic story of salty coffee.So,coffee is a magical beverage,there are so many possibility about coffee,many stories happened and many creative taste was invented.

Now some people like drinking salty coffee,it is said that salt can reacts with bitterness and weaken the bitterness.But I think it must be unacceptable,If you are interested and curious,you can have a try.

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Originally published 02 Dec 2015, updated 02 Dec 2015.

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