one way degassing valve syphon

29 Jul 2016

one way degassing valve syphon

one way degassing valve would like to tell you that British used a tube as the base to create the first vacuum coffee maker. Later, French improved it into a well-known coffee maker nowadays which is called Syphon.

1. Working principle:

The working principle of Syphon is expanding with heat and contracting with cold: Steam is generated after the water is heating, the water in the bottom bowl flows upwards to the upper bowl, the water in the upper bowl is pulled back after the water in the bottom bowl becomes cold.

2. Usages:

1) Fill water: Fill hot water to the bottom bowl(reason: make water gets boiling quicker and save time);

2) Put mesh filter: Use fabric filter to cover the mesh filter, put the mesh filter to the upper bowl, pull the chain connecting with mesh filter to hitch the mouth of tube, fix the mesh filter to the middle of the upper bowl;

3) Heat: Light up the wick burner, heat the water in the bottom bowl;

4) Put the upper bowl slantways a little bit and await the water in the bottom bowl boils;

5) Straighten the upper bowl when the water effervesce and starts boiling;

6) Put ground coffee: Put ground coffee to the upper bowl when the amount of water is two- thirds high of the whole bowl;

7) Stir: Gently stir when the water in the bottom bowl fully flow upwards to the upper bowl; Stir again after 20 seconds and avoid stir strongly;

8) Stop heating: move the wick burner away;

9) Move the upper bowl away: Because the temperature drops, the coffee in the upper bowl flows downwards to the bottom bowl, move the upper bowl away after the coffee flows back fully;

10) Pour the coffee: Pour the coffee to the coffee cup.

one way degassing valve syphon

A cup of coffee made by syphon is done! Do you understand how to do?

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Originally published 29 Jul 2016, updated 29 Jul 2016.


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