one way degassing valve on turkish coffee fortune telling

23 May 2018

In Turkey, coffee has become a social culture. There is a proverb in Turkey “Drink a cup of coffee and remember your 40 years of friendship. Coffee shares the Turks about the memory of peace, friendship, love and respect. In Turkey, there is always a coffee shop called Kahvehane in the village, no matter how small the village is.

Coffee shops on the Turkish streets are not just café. Most of them are provided with game, like Chinese chess and cards room. The men chat with other while drinking coffee and they can also play a unique game of chessboard called tavla in Turkish. Especially in Istanbul, many men smoking hookah smoke can be seen in coffee shop. For Turkish women, there is nothing more leisurely than talking about the home affairs while drinking coffee. There is enough gossip after divination to kill the afternoon.

There is a glass house in the coffee shop in Istanbul. Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday at 3 pm, the coffee shop will perform a special Turkish coffee divination. After drinking the coffee, the guests will give the cup to the diviner. The diviner dumps the coffee ground on the plate. When it has cooled, the diviner can divine the future according to the pattern formed naturally on the plate. Each divination takes about 15 minutes.

In Turkish café, everyone is the diviner.

This is the custom of almost all Turks that drink a cup of coffee and divine the fortune of the next year. Just as Chinese fond of telling fortune by eight characters, the Turks divine the fortune according to the shape of coffee ground after drinking coffee. Therefore, the Turkish coffee has become the only coffee which can divine.

Coffee shops are already very popular in Turkey and the streets are full of café sighs. Then, the wizards and withes walking through the coffee shops have become another sight and culture. In theNew Year, their coming and going adds some jollifications. World coffee fans who know the principle of Turkish coffee divination regard the Turkish coffee as the holiday coffee for the New Year.

However, as far as “one way degassing valve” knows, generally the Turks seldom ask the diviner for fortune telling. Just as Chinese, people can more or less read palm as a means of fortune-telling. The Turks can say a rough idea according to the shape of coffee dregs on the inner wall of coffee. For example, if the coffee dregs are crescent shaped, it reminds you to be modest and cautious but not impatient which will cause mistakes. If the coffee dregs are full moon shaped, it means that you are favored by lucky god so you can be confident to your target. If you want to make the coffee divination clear, you need to write a thick monograph. However, until now, there haven’t a coffee monograph can exhaust the principle, techniques and anecdotes of coffee divination.

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Originally published 23 May 2018, updated 23 May 2018.


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