one way degassing valve understand coffee beans

28 Jun 2017

The variety and status of coffee beans is an important factor in whether a cup of coffee can be called "fine coffee". Many of the world's existing varieties, have their own characteristics. Today, one way degassing valve takes you to understand coffee beans.

There are many kinds of coffee beans, following seven are more famous than others.

Typica, is one of the two major varieties, very fragrant and with flowers aroma, which is characterized by light sour of citrus line and soft scent.

Bourbon, is produced in Kenya and other places of the high-level varieties, is the mutant of Typica, is the Arabianka native varieties. Its rich aroma and rich levels of sour taste is often known to the world.

Arabica, planted in all of the world, widely sold around the world. Coffee that is soaked with this coffee bean is treated as high quality orthodox coffee. Various have different aromas, very unique.

Geisha, because of its low yield, so it is a very valuable variety, its taste is full of personality, a strong aroma and fresh sour.

Pacamara, is a large grain of coffee beans varieties, with a refreshing sour, the output is very scarce.

Montonovo, is representative of the Brazilian coffee varieties, is hybrid variety of Bourbon and Mandheling. This variety is sour and aroma is very balanced.

Kadura is the representative variety of Brazil coffee. With light sour and concentration, compared with the original species, the taste is monotonous.

one way degassing valve understand coffee beans

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Originally published 28 Jun 2017, updated 28 Jun 2017.


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