one-way degassing valve Vienna coffee history

one-way degassing valve Vienna coffee history

one-way degassing valve said that Vienna is "five steps a coffee", from the corner for people to drink coffee booths, college students gathered near the coffee shop, to the theater next to the imperial side of the rich and luxurious coffee shop, less there are dozens of home.

Therefore, the "music capital" of the air not only flow of music rhythm, and filled with the fragrance of coffee, is not an exaggeration. The history of the Vienna people drinking coffee can be traced back to the 17th century. At that time, in many Islamic countries’ big and small city, coffee has become an indispensable part of people's lives.

In 1683, Turkey's second attack on Vienna, when the Austrian Emperor Obod I and the king of Poland Augustus II signed a military alliance, the Austrian coalition forces smashed the Turks attack. The Turkish army fleeing on the battlefield around the walls of Vienna, discarded a large number of weapons, ammunition, and hundreds of large pockets filled with mysterious brown beans, the victors of the Vienna people do not know how to deal with these little beans.

It was just that there was a Polish spy that had been trampled into the army,and had tasted the black drink with roasted beans in Constantinople, that the Turks had called it "Kahve" , that is now the coffee.

As a remuneration, the Poles won all the coffee seized on the battlefield and opened the first cafe in the history of Vienna. Today, there are still many cafe claims that they are Poles, to attract customers.

Later, the businessman changed the formula, and added milk in the coffee, the effect is surprisingly good, in the 1780s popular for a while. People call it "Melange".

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