one way degassing valve white coffee

07 Mar 2016

one way degassing valve white coffee

one way degassing valve would like to tell you white coffee is a local and special production from Malaysia,it has about 100 years of history.White coffee does not have the white color,however,why it is named white coffee?White coffee is made of the special coffee liberica,coffee aribica,coffee robusta and upper material of skimmed milk.The coffee is roasted in a medium or light degree,and use special skill to process to remove lots of coffee caffeine,the bitterness and acidity produced in the roasting.Thus,the bitterness,acidity and caffeine is reduced to the lowest.Besides,there isn’t any additive added to the white coffee.Therefor,the white coffee is aromatic but do not hurt the stomach.The white coffee keep original color and aroma,it’s color is lighter than the common coffee,and it taste well.So,it is named as white coffee.

White coffee is usually made into the soluble coffee, it is three in one packaging that is convenient for drinker to drink it.The original white coffee is aromatic and smooth,it is famous in the whole Malaysia and popular in the market of America and Europe.

White coffee is good for our body.We can analysis the benefits of white coffee for our body according to the following aspects.

Firstly,from the production process.The white coffee is roasted in a light degree under the relative lower temperature,the original flavor and aroma is left.The white coffee is protected from the bitterness and acidity produced by high temperature roasting so it has lower caffeine that will not hurt people’s body,while it still has enough flavor and aroma.

Secondly,From the material.The white coffee usually made of coffee arabica.Coffee arabica has a strict requirement to the planting condition.The coffee should be plant in the area at a altitude of 600—2000 meter where there is fertile layer,enough rainfall,appropriate sunlight and shade.Besides,the coffee tree is easy to suffer the hurt of the plant diseases and insect pests because it has a worse capacity to against them.So the coffee tree requires much carefully care form the workers.The strict growth condition determine the coffee aribica is the upper coffee material that is recognized in the whole world.Of course,white coffee has a high quality due to choose such good coffee material.

Thirdly,from the taste.White coffee is aromatic,smooth,and has good body while without any bitterness,it can make people comfortable and energetic after drinking.The wonderful taste would lead people an endless aftertaste.As we all know,the common coffee would have a stronger acidity after it is cooled or frozen.However,the white coffee would not suffer this bad thing.The white coffee would not be sour even though it is cooled or frozen.It can bring the drinkers the same wonderful taste in any temperature.So,as the people who like drinking ice coffee,it’s no doubt that the white coffee is a good choice.

Fourthly,from the essence of the white coffee.There isn’t any impurity and additive contained in white coffee.Not only the caramel,but also the margarine is not added into white coffee,so white coffee has lower calorie and caffeine that hasn’t any motivate and hurt to our stomach and it’s good for our body to absorb.

The researchers of Harvard University of America has studied and found that the rate of a man who drink three cups of white coffee everyday would reduced by 40% than non coffee drinker.And the rate can be even reduced by 45% if drink four cups of white coffee everyday.

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Originally published 07 Mar 2016, updated 07 Mar 2016.


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