One way exhaust valves talk about the travel of coffee beans

One way exhaust valves talk about the travel of coffee beans

The first flowering period of the coffee tree is about three years old. The white flowers are jasmine, and the inflorescences are densely arranged. They contain essential oils and can be used to make high-grade spices. The flowers will fade after two or three days of flowering, and the fruit will begin to bear in a few months. The fruit is a drupe, about 1.5 cm in diameter, initially green, then gradually yellow, matures to red, and is very similar to cherry, so it is called Coffee Cherry.

The coffee fruit contains two seeds, which are coffee beans. There are raw beans and cooked beans. What we usually see is coffee beans, which are beans that have been fried at high temperatures after roasting.

Each coffee green bean has an outer film called silver skin, and its outer layer is covered with a yellow outer skin called endocarp. The whole coffee bean is encased in a sticky pulp to form coffee pulp, the flesh is soft and sweet, and the outermost layer is the outer shell.

In addition, the one way degassing valve also knows that although sunlight is an indispensable factor in the growth and result of coffee, too strong sunlight will affect the growth of coffee trees. Therefore, each producing area usually cooperates with planting some sunshade trees, and generally grows bananas and mangoes. And plants with higher trunks such as legumes.

The ideal altitude is 500-2000 meters. Therefore, the quality of Jamaica Lanshan coffee growing at 800-1200 meters above sea level is the best. Therefore, the cultivation of high-quality coffee conditions are quite strict: sunlight, rainfall, soil, temperature, as well as the way coffee beans harvested and the production process, will affect the quality of coffee itself.

Do you need the coffee valve for your coffee product

28 Aug 2019

When you or your customer have high requirement on the coffee kit, please also remember to have your coffee bean packed with a coffee valve without filter.

Importance on choosing the right coffee valve two

27 Aug 2019

Brewing methods have different requirements on the powder thickness, exhaust valves without filter is suitable for whole-bean product that can be grinded at home.

Importance on choosing the right coffee valve one

26 Aug 2019

Brewing method and the storage condition are both affecting coffee taste, and the exhaust valve with filter installed on package is suitable for powdery product.

What one way degassing valve contributes on the quality of coffee

16 Jul 2019

We recommend you keep coffee beans in containers with one-way degassing valve, it helps to prevent quality change and to extend shelf life during ‘resting’.