One way exhaust valve on Harald coffee

The history of Harar is far older than that of Yegacheffe, and the soil, climate, treatment and flavor are different from Yegacheffe. Harald is a dry and cool climate, the most suitable sun-drying method, the flavor is similar to the Yemen Mocha opposite the bay, so Harar is also known as Harald Mocha.

The beans of Harald are mostly long-bodied, which is quite different from the short round beans of Yegacheffe. The Harald completely adopts the sun-drying method. If the rain is dry during the drying period, causing mildew and mildew, there will be mildew odor.

The sun-drying method relies on the eyesight of the worker to pick up the Unripe bean type bad beans . When the manpower is insufficient ,the production process is not strict, which is the main reason for the decline of Harald quality.

The one way exhaust valve believes that it is also worthwhile to buy high-quality Harald sun beans. The overall falvor is not as clean as that of yegacheffe, but it is complex and not messy.

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Originally published 19 Jun 2018, updated 19 Jun 2018.

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