one way exhaust valve said coffee action

one way exhaust valve said coffee action

Many people have drunk coffee, so do you know hand a cup of hot coffee can warm heart more than hand a cup of cold coffee? one way exhaust valve want to tell you that there is a research shows after drinking a cup of hot coffee, people look at things will be more active.

The study is like this, 41 students will fill out a personal impression questionnaire, and this questionnaire is for a fictional character. The students will score to ten personalities of that character. Students would meet the invigilator first before enter classroom. The invigilator will be in front of them reach the examination room, let them help to hand the coffee for a while. These students are completely strange with the invigilator, to let them hand the coffee are cold or hot.

This experiment’s result is surprising, there are more students who hand hot coffee judge the fictional character as a warm personality.

In order to further prove this experiment, the research started again, the number of students participating in the experiment increased to 53 people. Let them do product evaluation with the heat packs and ice packs. After filled out questionnaire, students can choose a bottle of juice or a one dollar ice cream coupon as honorarium, the coupon is set as a gift for a friend.Result shows that most chose ice cream coupon as gift were the students who hand heat packs.

This experiment proved that hand warm items will make people to conceive warm feeling, make us happy to work with others and have positive attention to others.

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