one way valve America coffee journey

20 Jan 2016

one way valve America coffee journey

Where the coffee has the great impact on people’s life is America.Coffee has an irreplaceable position in American people’s life,even many Americans would think if there is no coffee,their life is no real life. Wherever such as at home,in office or in a public place,Americans can’t spend 24 hours a day without coffee.So Americans dink one third of all coffee production in the world and becomes the biggest coffee consuming country in the world.

American coffee comes from Italian coffee,but has it’s own characteristic.America is a country full of energy,any kind of culture including coffee culture is free.Behind a cup of free coffee,do you know the journey of coffee in America?

In 1670,Dorothy Jones,a coffee seller from Boston got the license of selling coffee and became the first person selling coffee in America.

In 1688,coffee replaced the beer and became the most popular beverage for breakfast in America.

one way valve America coffee journey

In the mid-18th century,both coffee and tea were popular,while the volume of wine bar was over 2 times than coffee shop.However,there was a dramatic change after the Boston Tea Party in 1773,drinking tea is unpatriotic after that time.Colonist found they can buy coffee from Middle America and South America without the help of Britain.So, drinking coffee became a symbolism of American Independence and self-government.It is said that the Boston Tea Party in 1773 was planed in a coffee shop called “Green Dragon”.Except this,the New York Stock Exchange and the State Bank of New York were started their first steps in coffee shops,now they are well known as Wall Street.In a word,the builders of America drafted their nation building strategy in coffee shops.

From 1861 to 1865,the popularity degree of coffee had reached a new height,the soldiers brought coffee bean to the battlefield to ensure they are energetic.

In 1865,James Mason invented the coffee filter that lay a foundation for the modern coffee making skill and provided more opportunities for middle class to drink coffee.

In 1901,an inventor named Satori Kato from Chicago invented soluble coffee.

From 1914 to 1918,during the World War I,the army offered quantitative dry ground coffee bags to the soldiers.To the officers’ surprised,the soldiers would heat their iron coffee cup with match.

From 1920s to 1930s,when the soldiers went back from the battlefield,they were already used to drink several cup of coffee everyday.During the World War I,the volume of coffee shop had increased by 450% in a year,Americans especially soldiers liked going to the bars or coffee shops to drink something after they finished their lunch or dinner in the restaurants.So this kind of American lunch arose.

From 1940s to 1950s,coffee rest time arose.Maybe the afternoon tea time is invented by British,but it’s no doubt that the coffee rest time is from America due to the factories offered rest time and coffee to the workers during World War II.Thanks to a wise advertising of American Coffee Bureau in 1950s,over 70% workers of America can enjoy the rest time and coffee,wherever they are,in factories or in office.

In 1970s,Starbucks,a well know coffee shop was established in Seattle,America,it specialize in selling fresh coffee and coffee machine.

From 1995 to present, with Starbucks was widely spread to high streets and alleyways,Starbucks had become a modern culture and is started to be copied to international market.From 1995 to 2000,coffee consumption was increased by 700%.Up to now,coffee is also very popular in America,even in the whole world.

Coffee is the most popular beverage except water in America, one way valve thinks from the journey of the coffee in America,you can know why and how the coffee plays such an important role in American.

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Originally published 20 Jan 2016, updated 20 Jan 2016.


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