one way valve beverage favorite taste

07 Jan 2016

one way valve beverage favorite taste

When I drink coffee,there are many questions appear in my mind.Why there are lots of milk tea shops in the streets and alleyways?Why Master Kong green tea and black tea can achieve success in the beverage market?Why Starbucks is so popular with people?I just think maybe that’s because these beverage are tasty.But I never though of why these beverage are tasty before a friend told me the reason he like going to Starbucks to drink coffee is because the coffee is sweet.I finally got the answer of these questions.

Sweet,is the main taste of most beverage.Some person has made a survey to analyze the people’ hobby of the beverage.The result shows that most people have the same hobby for the beverage,that’s sweet taste.I think that’s right.I see a few people would order black coffee that do not add milk or sugar in Starbucks.In the beverage area of supermarket,there are few beverage do not have sweet taste expect spring water.Now think back to the successful of milk tea shops,Mater Kong and Starbucks,We can know that sweet taste captures people’s taste bud.If you want to confirm this conclusion,you can ask some people whether they like sweet beverage or not?Or suppose you are doing shopping or watching movie with your friends,if you want to drink a cup of sweet beverage,or some other bitter beverage like tea.I think you would choose the former.

Tea is not popular as these sweet beverage,because traditional tea taste a litter bitter,so we can’t see many tea shops in the streets and alleyways.The tea lack of sweet taste decide that it can’t be sold in multiple shops in streets and alleyways.On the contrary,most coffee are sweet because people usually add some milk add sugar into the coffee.So coffee and other sweet beverage are far more popular than tea,just for their sweet taste.

one way valve beverage favorite taste

one way valve thinks Traditional tea is like the single original coffee,just are popular with few people who really know tea and coffee.Many people who do not know tea would not drink tea,but people who do not know coffee would drink coffee,because coffee is sweet.For the experts of drink coffee and tea,they would prefer the single original coffee and the traditional tea,except the taste,they would pay more attention to the culture of the coffee and tea.But,they are a small number of customers,most customer care the taste only.

In summary,most people like sweet taste,that’s why sweet beverage is popular in the market.

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Originally published 07 Jan 2016, updated 07 Jan 2016.


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