one way valve blue mountain coffee

one way valve blue mountain coffee

one way valve is used to keep coffee fresh including blue mountain coffee.

Blue mountain coffee has a ring of light and owns a unique position in people’s mind.But how many do they know blue mountain coffee?Lots of friends have ever asked me many things about blue mountain coffee.

First of all,what is blue mountain coffee?Blue mountain coffee is a kind of very expensive coffee bean that is native to Blue Mountain of Jamaica.It is planted in an especial legal district.It can not be named blue mountain coffee if the coffee comes from Jamaica but not in a legal district.If the blue mountain coffee meet the requirement of production area,it is the real blue mountain coffee.

There are many coffee farms and small farmers in the legal production area.Some farms buy coffee bean from small farmers and then process and export,some farms is big enough to use their own coffee bean only.Then these farms finally became commercial bands,for example,MBCF,Wallenford Estate,Clydesdale Estate,and RSW.Although blue mountain coffee comes from different farms,but their taste is similar due to it’s same condition of climate and soil.

As the taste of blue mountain coffee,many people have a great longing before they drink it.They will imagine how magical the blue mountain coffee is.Actually blue mountain coffee is also a kind of coffee,of course it has the basic special taste of coffee,but the balance of the blue mountain coffee is superior to any other coffee.Many people ask me what is the balance,simply say that is you can’t fell strong bitterness when the coffee in your mouth.Why the coffee is balance if we can fell the strong bitterness?That is because the bitterness is strong and easiest felt by our mouths,if it is covered or not obvious,that is say the interaction of acidity,bitterness,sweetness and saltiness is perfect.Every taste of blue mountain coffee is not very obvious,but every taste of good coffee is exist.In order to maximum develop the balance of blue mountain coffee, the blue mountain coffee should be in medium roast.In my own opinion,I would like to use sugariness to describe the blue mountain coffee,instead of sweetness.

Now we can drink blue mountain coffee in many coffee shops,but in fact,these coffee are not 100% blue mountain coffee,they are combined with other coffee.In some regular coffee shops,they will mark the composition of blue mountain coffee,for example, 80%of blue mountain coffee or less.There is a kind of cheap blue mountain coffee in the market like several dollars per bag on the net.actually it is fake,there isn’t any blue mountain coffee bean in the bag.

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