one way valve Cappuccino and Latte

one way valve Cappuccino and Latte

Cappuccino and Latte are two kind of coffee that are best known to people.Both of them are belong to Italian coffee and have the same ingredients,but many drinkers can not correctly tell the difference of them.In fact,there are mainly several differences between these two coffee.

1.The different of ingredients

Cappuccino has exactly the same ingredients to latte that are milk and coffee espresso.However,the difference between them is the amount and the form of the milk.The coffee at least has half of a cup of milk foam,while the latte has no more than 10% of the cup.In other words,the cappuccino mainly consists of milk foam,but the latte mainly consists of milk.

2.The difference of appearance

Look from the appearance,there is an obvious difference.On the one hand,the milk foam of cappuccino is higher than the rim of the cup,and the milk looks very full and smooth,it would not over flow though lightly shake the coffee cup.Compared to cappuccino,latte has only a layer thin milk foam,it general at the same height of the rim of the cup.On the other hand,the cup of cappuccino is smaller than latte.generally,cappuccino use the shorter ceramic cup,while latte use the higher mug cup.Due to both of these two coffee use the same amount of coffee espresso that made by the Italian coffee machine,so the size of the coffee cup means how much milk should be added into the coffee.Because the cup of cappuccino is smaller than latte,so the milk added to cappuccino is less than latte that decide the cappuccino has stronger coffee taste than latte.

3.The difference of the taste

The taste of different coffee is decided to the amount of different ingredients.The cappuccino has smoother taste and stronger coffee taste because of lots of milk foam and less milk.By comparison,we can know that the latte has more obviously milk taste and lighter coffee taste.

one way valve thinks these are the differences between cappuccino and coffee latte,learn it and tell it correctly to your friends who do no know when you enjoy coffee with them,no longer confuse cappuccino and latte.

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