one way valve coffee addicts

07 Dec 2015

one way valve coffee addicts

Do you love coffee?How much do you love it?Are you a coffee addict?

one way valve knows many people are addicted to coffee for it’s aroma and taste,and many are crazy about it because of it’s refreshing function.No matter why they drink coffee, they are in a abyss of caffeine and can’t get out of it.

Do you know what’s the coffee addicts like?If you also a coffee addict,you may know the feeling and the crazy behavior of them.In general,coffee addicts would have many crazy feeling and behavior of coffee,let’s see how crazy they are.

1.They get up in the morning just because they want to drink coffee.

2.When they are thirsty,they would think of coffee first rather than water or any other beverage.

3.They even want to add sugar or milk when they drink tea because they always think they are drinking coffee.

4.They can’t work efficiently if they haven’t drink coffee.

5.They have to buy coffee if they pass the coffee shop.

6.They have to drink coffee every day,otherwise,they would feel their bellies are lack of something.

7.They would in a bad mood if they can’t have coffee.

8.They would have headache or fell tired,depressed,absent-minded,nausea or vomiting if they don’t drink coffee for a period of time.

9.They won’t be insomnia no matter how many coffee they drink because they are already immune to caffeine.

10.They would desire more caffeine due to coffee aroma,they are too impatient to wait to drink it off so that they can continue to drink the next cup.

11.They think they are poor because they pay too much for coffee.

12.They are proudly that the waiters of coffee shop know what they want to ask before they open their mouths.

13.They always late for work because they spend their time buying coffee.

14.They often dream about coffee at night.

15.Most of their cloth are polluted with coffee stains.

16.They must choose coffee shop as the date place if they want to meet somebody.

17.They always correctly speak out which kind of coffee in their cup when they have coffee.

18.They like collecting all kinds of coffee cups.

19.Sometimes they think anything is nothing as long as they have coffee.

20.Most have their coffee makers and enjoy making coffee by themselves.

All the performance I mentioned above are the crazy felling and behavior of coffee addicts I noticed and concluded.Maybe there are many more crazy things that I haven’t found.In a word,coffee is a magical beverage,it conquered thousands of people,they are so crazy because they love coffee.

one way valve coffee addicts
one way valve coffee addicts
one way valve coffee addicts

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Originally published 07 Dec 2015, updated 07 Dec 2015.


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