07 Sep 2016


Coffee can strongly grow under the preconditions of appropriate landform and temperature, coffee prefers the place that has great differences of the temperature of day and night and fog. If an region is with low altitude but owns the this climate condition, it can also be a production area of high-quality coffee. Because the region with high altitude is up to this climate norm, it is no doubt that it can offer a better environment for coffee to grow.

Firstly, dense trees root on plateau which can offer a better environment for coffee to grow, to absorb the nutrient.


Secondly, with the rise of altitude and average temperature, amino acid and fragrance will increase, that's why coffee grown on plateau generally owns richer aroma.

Thirdly, due to lower average temperature, the coffee beans on plateau grow slower. But the long period of maturity makes coffee contain more sugar and has rich aroma.


Now increasing coffee lovers intend to buy coffee beans according to the growing altitude of the coffee, so the manufacturers should attach the importance of the influence of high altitude on coffee. After all, we one way valve think if coffee beans are grown on the region of low altitude, their quality will be deemed to be lower than the one on higher altitude.


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Originally published 07 Sep 2016, updated 07 Sep 2016.


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