one way valve coffee and islam

one way valve coffee and islam

Long time ago,a Bible of Islam named Quran forbid people to drink,the Arabians were forced to looking for the substitute of the wine,so they turned to consume lots of coffee.The religion is an important factor that made it to be popular in the Arab countries and become the international trend finally.

one way valve would like to tell you that one of the important reasons why coffee is popular in Islam is its function of refresh people.Only coffee can make the Moslem keep their state when they need to do the lengthy religion rites and they can feel a magical power in their body.Many Islam classics described many miraculous things of person who is foresight named Mohammed,it is said these things were happened after he drinking coffee that can prove the the important position of coffee in Islam.

Before the 15th century,coffee was the special drink of Moslem and doctor.The Moslem treat the coffee as the stimulant when doing lengthy religion rites,while the doctor used it to treat digestion and some other disease.

As a sacred and magical beverage,few people know the origin and craftsmanship of the coffee because it was classified for a long time due to the religion reason.Until 1454,a famous Moslem brought it to the public because he want to appreciate the society,then coffee become a popular beverage in Islam area that can be found in the streets and alleyways later.

Decades of years later,two Syrians opened the first coffee shop of Arab area in Mekka named Qahveh Khaneh.In this coffee shop,many people smoked,played chess or chatted while drinking coffee or tea.The Islam coffee culture was grow up.

However,the spread of coffee in Islam world is not extremely successful like the smooth sailing.Many people gathered in the coffee shops to enjoy coffee,they were not willing go to mosques to do the religion rites.Besides,many people talked about the political affairs,let of their dissatisfied and incited people in the coffee shop,so the government gave order to ban drinking coffee.But,the ban could not really ban the coffee,it experienced rise and decline for several time,in the late 16th century,coffee had become the most basic life custom that’s impossible to be changed.

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