one way valve coffee bean types

one way valve coffee bean types

There are three types of coffee bean in the world,arabica,robusta,and liberica.

Aranica and robusta are used widely and liberica is hardly talked by people due to it’s low quality and production.Next I will share some knowledge I know about arabica and robusta with you.



1.Strong aroma

2.Light bitterness

3.Moderate crema

4.High acidity

5.Determination of caffeine is 30%-40% of robusta

Arabica bean production represents 65%-80% of the coffee bean all over the world.It is the unique coffee that could be drink all alone and directly because of it’s wonderful taste and aroma.But it has less resistant to dry,frost,diseases and pests,especially leaf rust.

The tree of arabica is a type of big shrub,it has elliptic bottle green leaves and small elliptic fruit.There is a flaw in the middle of the fruit that is narrow and looks like S.The determination of caffeine is about 1%-1.7%.

Most arabica is planted in the mountain of altitude between 600 and 2000 meter,it is cold-resistant,the appropriate temperature is 25-24℃.Arabica need to grow in an environment of high humidity,the annual rainfall should be no less 1500 milliliter.At the same time, it requires high cultivation techniques and condition.

Arabica producing areas are South America(except Argentina and some area of Brazil),Central America countries,Africa(mainly in East Africa such as Kenya,Ethiopia and so on),Asia(Yemen,India,China ect.)



1.insufficient aroma

2.Strong bitterness after bakery depth

3.More creama

4.Low acidity

5.High caffeine content

Generally,robusta is planted in the hilly area of altitude between 200 and 600 meter where there is warm climate,the appropriate temperature is 24-29℃,it has lower requirement of annual rainfall.

Robusta has it’s unique aroma and bitterness,it’s flavor is very strong and distinct but it’s hard to accepted by drinkers.So in general,Robusta is used for industrial manufacture coffee such as instant coffee.The determination of caffeine is about 3.2%,it’s far more than arabica.

Robusta tree is a type of tree between shrub and tall arbor,it has long green leaves,the height of tree can grow to 10 meter.The fruit is rounder and smaller than arabica,there is a straight flaw in the middle of the fruit.

Robusta bean production represents 25%-35% of the coffee bean all over the world.It’s main producing areas are Indonesia,Vietnamese,Africa and some other areas.

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