one way valve coffee components

08 Mar 2016

one way valve coffee components

Mention to coffee,if you can only think of caffeine is contained in the coffee?In fact,there are many components of coffee.


Caffeine is the most noticeable component among the all of the components of the coffee.The caffeine is belong to a kind of plant xanthine that has the same quality to the theobromine of the cocoa and the theophylline of the green tea.The caffeine has a wide function,it can influence the brain,heart,blood vessel,intestines and stomach and other body parts.Appropriate caffeine can motivate the cerebral cortex,promote the judgement,memory and the emotion activities,it can make the myocardial performance more active,enhance the blood circulation and promote the metabolism.The caffeine also can help people to relieve fatigue and promote digestion.The caffeine will not stays in people’s body like narcotic and excitatory composition,it can be excreted out in about 2 hours.The obviously bitterness of the coffee,is caused by caffeine.

Tannic acid

Tannic acid is easy soluble in the water,it would be resolved after boiling that would lead the coffee to a worse taste.If the brewed coffee is set for a long time,the tannic acid would make the coffee in a deeper color and lose it’s flavor,that’s why the coffee should be drank as soon as possible after brewing.


The fat of the coffee plays an important role in the coffee flavor.There are many kinds of fat contained in the coffee,and the most important fat are the acid fat and volatile fat.The acid fat content is different in different coffee.The volatile fat is the main source of the aroma.If the fat contact to the air after roasting,there are some chemical reaction happen that would make the coffee flavor go worse.


Protein is the main source of calorie.But the coffee would not be resolved by most brewing ways.So,the people’s body can only absorb the limit nutrition though they often drink coffee,that why coffee become a choice of people who want to lose weight.


Though we know that the main taste of coffee is bitterness,but,in fact,coffee contains sugar.We drink the coffee under the situation that do not add any sugar,except the bitterness from caffeine and the acidity from tannic acid,we can also feel the sweet taste that is form the sugar of coffee.After roasting,most sugar would be transformed into caramel that would bring a special brown color to the coffee.

Mineral substance

The mineral substance of coffee including iron,sulphur,sodium carbonate,phosphorus,chlorine,silicon,and so on.The coffee has too less mineral substance to influence the coffee flavor.On the whole,they can only bring a little bitterness.

Crude fiber

The fiber would be carbonized after roasting,this carbide has the same work with the sugar together to bring the coffee a special brown color.The crude fiber has more obviously impact on the coffee flavor than the coffee bean,so,by coffee bean is far better than ground coffee.

In a word,there are many components in coffee. one way valve would like to tell you that the aroma,flavor and taste are from the interaction of many different components.Learn more about coffee and understand its main components is a necessary lesson.

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Originally published 08 Mar 2016, updated 08 Mar 2016.


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