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Since I have started to drink coffee, I follow things about coffee culture closely. I have read an article of coffee on the Internet recently, I clearly remember the point of the author even though I foget his name. He says, as a kind of delicate beverage, coffee is not relative to culture, but it is a necessity and a habbit in western people's life. To the view of author, I partially agree.

First of all, coffee as a kind of beverage, it is endeared by numerous people especially people from the west, it becomes indispensible part in people's life. When you are in a European city, walk in a shopping center or street, you will feel rich aroma of coffee saturates the air.

For Chinese, coffee is a imported goods. I think most Chinese would like to drink coffee because it can remove fatigue and make us energetic rather than its taste.

But if we think it over, the reason that coffee can exist for a long time and make people become reliable on it is not just because of its taste and effect. For me, coffee owns a kind of mysterious magic, people always drink coffee when they read newspaper in the morning or when they chat with friends. Famous writer like Voltaire, musician Beethoven, philosopher Kierkegaard, they are all sincere coffee lovers and have stories with coffee.

Actually coffee is a sort of culture authentically. People in China and in west have different lifestyle with coffee, for western people, coffee is also a habbit, the symbol of western culture. So coffee is a sort of culture, it is just as important as one way valve to coffee packaging.

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Originally published 01 Nov 2016, updated 01 Nov 2016.

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