One Way Valve Coffee Flavor

22 Dec 2016

Coffee is a type of popular international beverage. But there's no standard of the level of coffee roasting. Some cities in some countries, they have their own coffee roasting levels.

One Way Valve Coffee Flavor

In Tokyo, dark roasting is more popular, they are in the trend of roasting coffee beans with Italian roasting. In western countries, Italian roasting is endeared by a large amount of people, it is the symbol of New York modern cities from the ancient time, alll sorts of dark roasted coffee beans were sold at that time. Moreover, Vienna is also the city full of coffee culture, people there are fond of Italian roasting too, its coffee culture makes them fond of French roasting too. Meanwhile, Italian also have their own coffee culture.

One Way Valve Coffee Flavor
One Way Valve Coffee Flavor

Like regions choose different levels of coffee roasting according to their own habits. Some regions choose according to the features of the producing region. For example, Ethiopian think making Italian roasting wastes coffee beans a lot, it loses its original feature. To some degree, the features of coffee beans decide which kind of roasting level is suitable. Generally speaking, because the shape of Sumatra coffee is full and round, it fits medium roasting. The darker the roasting is, the more the acid taste will lose. On the contrary, some coffee beans generate new ingredients, such as Mexican coffee bean, it generates a new kind of sweet taste. Antigua coffee in Guatemala is able to maintain its acidity and fruit taste, it is not common to the other types of coffee beans.

One Way Valve Coffee Flavor

In sum, the roasting level of coffee beans depend on different requirements of different countries and different cities.

Why do they like coffee so much? What make them obsessed about coffee? I think it must be the rich aroma of coffee. But most coffee lovers all know that preserve the aroma of coffee is quite hard, today I would like to tell you that selecting high-qulity one way valve and coffee bags is the best solution to store coffee.

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Originally published 22 Dec 2016, updated 22 Dec 2016.


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