one way valve coffee fortune telling

07 Oct 2015

one way valve coffee fortune telling
one way valve coffee fortune telling

Turkish coffee is famous around the world for it’s unique taste that comes from the peculiar way Turks use to make coffee.This unique taste is recognized as the most original and historic taste of coffee.

Turks use their unique small pot to make coffee.They add grind coffee and water in the small pot together and then boil it directly.The coffee don’t need to be filtered and that’s the reason Turkish coffee is stronger than others’.So the coffee grounds would be left in the cup after Turks consumed a cup of coffee .It’s really amazing that they use the coffee grounds to make fortune telling.They interpret happens both past and future of a drinker according to the shapes and images form in the coffee grounds.

After finishing the coffee,Turks place the saucer on the top of the coffee cup and shake gently,then place the cup upside down on the saucer and allow it to be cool and dry for a while.Next the fortune teller will interpret the happens of the drinkers according the shape of coffee grounds in the cup.

There are a variety of shapes in the saucer and every shape has different meaning.For example,If the image in the saucer looks like a full moon,it hints that today is very lucky for drinkers,anything they want to do will be success easily.If the image like a heart,it suggest that the drinkers will fall in love soon or their lovers would love them forever.

Additionally,Turks also use the water remained in the saucer to make wish.Drinker can make their personal wishes when they prepare to make fortune telling.After fortune telling,they can interpret their wishes could be come true or not and how long it will takes.Standing up the saucer,if the water flow,the wishes would be come true.The shorter the track of water flow is,the faster the wishes will come true.

Fortune telling with coffee is an oldest culture of Turkey.The most distinguishing feature of Turkey coffee is neither the way it is grind nor the way it is boiled. one way valve thinks Turkey coffee is unique because it allows people’s fortune to be told by looking at the coffee cup.That’s an amazing thing.

one way valve coffee fortune telling
one way valve coffee fortune telling
one way valve coffee fortune telling

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Originally published 07 Oct 2015, updated 07 Oct 2015.


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