one way valve coffee fun time

23 Sep 2015

one way valve coffee fun time

1.A:Do you know Starbucks?

B:Yes,it’s a coffee shop.

A:No!It’s a photo studio with the theme of coffee.

2.Wife:You’ve drunk five cups of coffee at friend’s home.But you had said that you can’t fall asleep if you drink coffee at night.

Husband:But the coffee is free! I couldn’t fall asleep if I didn’t drink it.

3.A gentlemen was drinking coffee in the coffee shop.He just drunk a little and found a fly in the cup.

“Hey,waiter,”the gentlemen said:”There is a fly in my coffee.”

“Fly?That’s impossible!”Waiter said:”To be honest,I’ve picked all the flies up before I brought it to you

4.Glass and coffee cup is crossing the road.Someone suddenly shout:”There is a car coming!”

Finally the glass is hit in pieces while the coffee cup do not suffer from anything.Why? Because the coffee cup has an ear.

5.”Waiter!”A customer asked:”Your advertising said you make blend coffee.But this is not entirely the taste of blend coffee.”

Waiter said:”This is blend coffee.But it is mixed with the coffee we made yesterday.”

6.A:I won’t buy coffee again in the coffee shop downstairs.


A:Because they have racial discrimination.The coffee I bough today was smaller than others’.

B:What kind of coffee did you ask?



7.I remember an experience of sharing hand-poured coffee. I made hand-poured coffee and shared it to the pedestrians in front of the square at noon.I found a tramp walked toward me from distance.I gave him a cup of coffee and wanted to send him away.But he stayed and saw the process I made coffee next to me. He whispered after a time:”This way you make coffee will over extracted and the coffee will be bitter.You might as well rough adjust the scale of bean grinder.The coffee was made using high temperature can extract lively and distinct tartaric acid.”

I asked him surprised:”How do you know that?”

The tramp said:”That’s why I became a tramp.”

WOJIN one way valve,your fresh coffee partner.

one way valve coffee fun time
one way valve coffee fun time

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Originally published 23 Sep 2015, updated 23 Sep 2015.


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