one way valve coffee is a therapy

10 Nov 2015

one way valve coffee is a therapy

one way valve think sometimes having coffee with your best friend,is all of the therapy you need.This is the sentence I saw recently,I think it’s rally true.

What would you like to do when you get into trouble or you are unhappy?Shopping,eating,sleeping,running,or do any other things?If you are a coffee lover,would you like to drink a cup of coffee with your best friends only?Yes,I will,I think having coffee with my best friends is the therapy I need when I am in bad mood.Actually,enjoying coffee is my favorite thing,both when I am happy and sad.In many times when I am in trouble,I like keeping quiet rather than doing any crazy things,so having coffee is the best way for me.

When I need a therapy,I will call my best friend and go to the cafe with him/her.Of course,he/she must be a coffee lover,it couldn’t be better if there is a coffee bar at his/her home.I often tell my best friend what happen that bothers me,he/she will listen to me carefully and then give me some advice.I listen to his/her advise and think deeply what should I do while having coffee,It’s very comfortable in this process.After finish tasting coffee,I can find the way to deal with the trouble.Even sometimes,something happen to me is hart to tell my best friend clearly,so we just stay in cafes and keep silence,neither he/she,not me say anything,but that also is good.What I need is a quiet environment,staying with he/she and coffee,and he/she understand me.That is the best therapy I need.

Coffee,to some extent,is a good therapy.That is say coffee have a magical power,for me at least.Coffee is like a good medicine when I am unhappy,I would be happy again after having it with my best friend.That’s why I think this sentence is true at the first sight.

However,whenever I have coffee,I won’t reduce my demand of coffee quality.It must be high quality,otherwise it can’t bring me good mood.Therefor,I always pay attention to the coffee valve and coffee packaging because it very important to coffee quality.

one way valve coffee is a therapy
one way valve coffee is a therapy

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Originally published 10 Nov 2015, updated 10 Nov 2015.


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