one way valve coffee origin

19 Jul 2016

one way valve coffee origin

one way valve thinks nowadays, the culture of coffee spread around the world, coffee plays an indispensable role in part of people's life, the culture of coffee shops becomes a lifestyle and the symbol of taste.

It is said that in 6th century AD, there is a shepherd called Kaldi finds a herd of sheep become invigorated and extremely exhilarated after eating the red cherry hanging in the tree. Kaldi feels surprised, thinking that he can't pasture them well. In order to remove his confusion, he decides to try the fruit himself. As a result, he also becomes as frantic as them, intending to dance excitedly with the sheep. Kaldi tells this news to the nuns of the nearby monastery soon. The nuns are quite surprised after listening to this, suspecting that if the ordinary red fruit can really makes somebody become joyful and vigorous. So they decide to have a try. They adore this "magic fruit" afterwards, they don't feel the ache of their waist and legs any more, becoming more energetic to read the bible. They feel less tired in monastery, pay more attention to their devotional exercises.

Later this kind of mysterious experience is spread out, the red fruit gradually become the well-known coffee drink.

one way valve coffee origin

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Originally published 19 Jul 2016, updated 19 Jul 2016.


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