one way valve coffee packaing storage

01 Mar 2016

one way valve coffee packaing storage

All the coffee lovers like drinking fresh coffee because it has the most wonderful flavor and aroma.However, one way valve would like to tell you if the coffee bean can not be stored well,the coffee bean would lose its good aroma and even go stale quickly,the flavor would be effected seriously.So,coffee storage is an important things.

After roasting,the roasted coffee bean is easy to contract to the air and some oxidation would happen that lead to the coffee bean lost its aroma,even go stale more quickly under the influence of temperature,humidity and sunlight.So,roasted coffee bean requires an environment that is seal,low temperature and avoid the sunlight to be stored.

Fresh coffee is popular,but,how to keep coffee fresh?Packaging is the key.Nowadays,many good roasting manufactures pack the coffee in a seal coffee bag with one way degassing valve.This flexible packaging can ensure the roasted coffee is store in a ideal space where there isn’t any destructive gas because the one way degassing valve can let the inside CO2 out while prevent the air outside enter the bag.The coffee roasting producers think this packaging is good for keeping the quality of the roasted coffee.

Generally,there are several kinds of coffee packaging in the market,they are tightness packaging,vacuum packaging,pressurized packaging and packaging with one way degassing valve.Which packaging should be chosen is depends on the some factors.Firstly,the effect.It’s no doubt that all of these packaging types have the basic effect that keep the coffee fresh,but the refreshing time of every way is different.The tightness packaging can only keep coffee fresh for a short time,the vacuum packaging can fresh coffee fresh for about ten weeks,the packaging with one way degassing valve can keep coffee fresh for six months at least even one year,and the pressurized packaging can keep coffee fresh for two years.Secondly,the use of the coffee bean.Is the coffee used at home,or in coffee shops?Different uses of the coffee bean determine how long the coffee bean would be run out of that decide the chose of coffee packaging.Thirdly,the convenience.If the coffee bean is convenient to take out and used to make coffee?Fourthly,the cost is very important should be taken into consideration when choosing the packaging.Of course,many other factors also would influence the chose of coffee packaging.

one way valve coffee packaing storage

Combining these factors we talked above,we can know which packaging is better according to the actual situation.Factually,among these several packaging,the packaging with one way degassing valve is used widest in the market.The reason is this packaging can meet all the factors above.This packaging had obviously effect,is convenient and suit for different uses while it requires lower cost.

Coffee packaging is closely related to storage,If we want to store coffee well to ensure its quality,we must choose an appropriate packaging first.As a coffee lover who have researched coffee packaging for several years,I would be more willing to suggest the packaging with one way degassing valve.

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Originally published 01 Mar 2016, updated 01 Mar 2016.


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