one way valve coffee quality altitude

one way valve coffee quality altitude

one way valve would like to tell you taht China is the birthplace of tea culture,the theory of high hill can produce high quality tea is deeply in people’s mind.For the same reason,if mentioned to high hill can produce high quality coffee,I think many Chinese would agree this saying.In fact,some lower altitude areas also can produce high quality coffee.In the premise of temperature,rainfall,terrain and roil is suitable for coffee growth,the coffee tree prefer the micro-climate characteristics of large difference between day and night and fogging.If a producing areas in a lower altitude,but it meets these two micro-climate characteristics,it can also become the producing area that produce high quality coffee.Just because the high altitude areas meet these micro-climate characteristics,it verified the conclusion that the high hill can produce high quality coffee.

It’s no doubt that the high altitude ares can provide better environment condition to coffee growth.There are some reasons.

Firstly,the high hill areas is often covered by the fogging,the sunlight is affected by the fogging that make a part of visible light is strengthen,so the effect of photosynthesis would be increased.

Secondly,there are lots of lush trees in the high hill areas,these lush trees can provide a shade environment to the coffee that is good for coffee cherries to accumulate the nutrients.

Thirdly,the average temperature is lower so that the coffee have a longer mature period,the nutrients would be accumulated more fully.For example,the rice of northeast of China is better than Hainan’s,because the rice of northeast can be harvested only one time while the Hainan’s can be harvested three times every year.

Fourthly,Due to the lower average temperature,the coffee produced in high hill areas is hard so that it is easy to be stored,that’s good for keeping the high quality of coffee.

Fifthly,the volume of amino acid and other aromatic substances would be increased with the increasing altitude and reducing average temperature.So the coffee produced from the high hill areas often have strong aroma and good body.

Many producers like appreciating coffee according to the altitude,especially the Central America countries.The Andes mountain across the Central America provide advantage environment condition to the coffee growth.Therefor,when we want to realize the coffee of Central America countries,we should attach importance to the describe of the rank from the altitude.For example,the Mexican coffee,if it is planted in the area that its altitude is over 1700meter,it get the mark SHG that means Strictly High Grown.On the contrary,if the coffee produced in a lower altitude area,its quality would be think lower than the former’s,and it just get the mark HG.

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Originally published 07 Apr 2016, updated 07 Apr 2016.

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