one way valve coffee risk

02 Aug 2016

one way valve coffee risk

When we drink a cup of coffee to see the forecast of weather, we may hold the idea that there's no obvious influence even though the weather is increasingly hot. But do you really know that the tasty coffee we like is threatened by a risk brought by global warming. Drought, diseases of plants and pests are decreasing the area of land appropriate for coffee growing.

We all know that there are two commercial coffee beans Arabica and Robusta. Arabica is more popular and sensitive than Robusta, having more difficulty to adapt the wretched situation brought by global warming. For example, the increment of temperature would make the days rainy always, storm may affect coffee fruiting. If coffee tree trees encounter bad weather like storms when they are in blossom, the harvest will not be good in that year.

one way valve coffee risk

The data of global warming that some experts forecast that the area of land shrink 50%, which will cause the price of coffee rises by 25%. If the forecast comes true, how will the whole world respond to it? Undoubtedly, life will become tough for many coffee peasants only fending for themselves on the production of coffee. Maybe they would choose to grow other plants like rubber to supercede coffee, or maybe they will grow Robusta instead of Arabica.

one way valve would like to tell you taht the risk truly exists. Whatever plan we will choose to deal with the risk of coffee, now we should cherish and enjoy the hard-won coffee.

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Originally published 02 Aug 2016, updated 02 Aug 2016.


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