one way valve coffee seedling plantation

22 Feb 2016

one way valve coffee seedling plantation

one way valve would like to tell you that coffee loves warm,shade and moist growing environment,so coffee seedling plantation needs a complex process.


(1)prepare the seeds

During the mature period,pick the full mature coffee cherries from the rush coffee trees to be the seed.After picking the seeds,peel and wash it immediately.When peeling and washing,be careful do not let the seed case broken because the germination rate of the seed with case is over 85%,while it’s only 54% without the case.Let the seeds to be dry in a place where there is wind pass after washing.But the seeds should be avoided to exposed under the strong sunlight,otherwise the germination rate of the seed would be reduced obviously.During the storage time,check the seeds frequently to avoid it to be mildewed.

(2)prepare the nursery garden

Firstly,choose the nursery garden.The nursery garden should be fertile,deep soil layer,loose soil,well-drained and nearby the water source.Secondly,soil preparation and fertilize.Make the soil into pieces and pick the big stone,weeds and sundries away,then fertilize.The fertilizer should be intensive mixing with the soil.Third,make the sunshelter.It’s necessary to make the sunshelter due to the coffee seedling is afraid of the strong sunlight.

2.plantation process

(1)choose and test the seeds.

Test the germination rate of the seeds before sowing seeds.Divide the seeds into several parts and give the number for them such as one,two,three.Then soak the coffee seeds for 24 hours with 50℃ warm water in the containers with the same number with the seeds.Dump the water out and wash it with clean water,then cover the seeds with a wet cloth to ensure the humidity.After three days,the seed would sprout,choose the seeds who’s germination rate is over 85% as the final seeds.

(2)sowing seeds

Soak the seeds with 50℃ warm water for another 24 hours,dump the water out after it absorb the water and become inflated,then it can be sowed to the nursery garden.When sowing seeds,the temperature should be between 15~20℃ and has enough rainfall.If the climate is dry,irrigate the nursery garden first before sowing seed.After ten days,the coffee would be sprout.

But,the coffee seeds need a long time to sprout ,if directly sowing to the nursery garden,it’s hard to grow well.So many people think the best way to planted the coffee seedling is accelerating germination and transplant.What the accelerating germination and transplant is sowing seeds intensively in the sand bed and transplant it to the nursery garden before the real leaves of the coffee seedlings appear.Before transplant,dripping enough water to the sand bed.When transplanting,the seeds’ root should be protect well and transplant it immediately after lifting.

3.field management.

(1)loosen the soil and weeding

When the seedlings at the height of about 5cm,the seedlings should be thinning,that’s remove the weak seedlings and the seedlings that’s overcrowding.When the seedlings are over 10cm,final singling the seedlings.During this process,loosening the soil and weeding at the same time.Of course,pay attention to keep appropriate humidity is necessary.


When the coffee seeds are up to height of 35cm,topdressing.The fertilizer should be set between the lines,then tilling and ridge,bury the fertilizer under the soil,it can avoid the seedling fall down.

(3)pest control

The gray leaf spot is a common pest appears in coffee tree,it mainly effect the leaf.Take care the coffee seedlings carefully to avoid the seedlings are effected by the gray and leaf spot and other pests.

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Originally published 22 Feb 2016, updated 22 Feb 2016.


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