One Way Valve Coffee Seedling

14 Dec 2016

one way valve knows coffee prefers a warm, moisture environment to grow. Actually growing coffee seeding is a complicated process.

One Way Valve Coffee Seedling

1. Preparation:

Prepare coffee seeds:

During the coffee cherries are mature, pick the coffee cherries that are totally mature from coffee trees as your seeds. You need to peel and wash out coffee cherries immadiately until pectin on surface is cleaned after picking them. In the processing of rinse, make sure the seeds is not broken, because the germinating capacity an intact seed is up to 85% while the broken one is just up to 54%.

One Way Valve Coffee Seedling

Prepare seedling nursery

The best seedling nursery should have fertile soil, deep soil layer, porous soil, fine drainage and next to water source.

One Way Valve Coffee Seedling

2. Growing process

It takes you a long time for the seeds to grow, if you sow the seeds on the seedling nursery directly, the plants can not grow well. So the best way to solve this problem is to stimulate the seeds to germinate, and gather the seeds on the sand bed, move the plants to the seedling nursery after it germinates.

One Way Valve Coffee Seedling

3. Field management

1) Loosen soil and remove weed

When seedling grow to 5 cm high, remove ill seedling and intense seedling. When seedling grow to 10 cm high, loosen sil a little bit. During this process, besides loosening soil and removing weed, keep the plants with proper moisture is important too.

One Way Valve Coffee Seedling

2) Manuring

When coffee seeds grow to 35 cm high, bury the fertiliser under the soil which can prevent seedling falling down.

3) Precaution of pest

Grey speck disease is the most commonly seen disease when coffee trees are growing, it mainly harms leaves. Because it needs sepecial care to prevent the influence from grey speck disease and other pests.

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Originally published 14 Dec 2016, updated 14 Dec 2016.


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