one way valve coffee symbolize

08 Jan 2016

one way valve coffee symbolize

My friends often ask me about my job,when I said I work in the coffee filed,most of them would envy me for this.They think coffee is a symbolize of upper class of society,so they think I must live a good life.

What do you think of coffee?Do you also think it is a symbolize of upper class of society?

Before answer this question,you should take two things into consideration first.Firstly,what is the upper class of society?The people in the upper class of society have lots of money,they can by many luxuries,live in a big and beautiful house,drink coffee every day and so on?In simply saying,the society or rich people is upper class of society,money is the channel to upper class of society?Secondly,coffee is really luxury enough to representative upper class of society?If you have answer of these two questions,you can think of the relationship of coffee and upper class of society,then you will have your answer about the beginning question:Is coffee a symbolize of upper society?

one way valve knows in many people’s mind,the society of rich people is upper class of society.They think the people in the upper society have too much money to enjoy everything that they can’t including drinking coffee.In their subconsciousness,Western society is the upper society, Western culture is upper than Eastern,so they think any thing imported from Western is better than ours including coffee.So,coffee is a representative of upper society in their mind because coffee is one of the most popular beverage in the world,it become a leisure life style of many city people,so it is the symbolize of fashion and leisure life.

In fact,these kind of people are just worshipers of Western culture,they think any thing is connected to the West is good,including language even a cup of coffee.That’s their habitual thoughts.

I don’t know what’s the definition of upper class of society,only money and luxuries?Maybe this is not the right answer.I often drink coffee,but I am not a member of upper society.So,I don’t think coffee is a symbolize of upper class of society.

one way valve coffee symbolize

In my view,Coffee is a beverage imported from the West,so it carry the Western culture.I drink coffee for its taste and culture,rather than pursuing fashion and worship Western culture.I love coffee just for coffee itself,with no connection with where is it from and is popular or not.When I drink coffee,I would try to know it and learn many things about it.Although coffee is more and more popular in China,most drinkers do not know anything about it,they just follow the trend and treat it as an high class beverage.So,do you think these people who also drink coffee enter the upper class of society?

In summary,coffee is also a general beverage,it’s not a symbolize of upper class of society.

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Originally published 08 Jan 2016, updated 08 Jan 2016.


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