One Way Valve Coffee Thinking

15 Jan 2016

One Way Valve Coffee Thinking

A few days ago,I was attracted by a nice decorated coffee shop when I was walking down the street.There were many people enjoy coffee in the shop,suddenly I had a strong desire to have a cup of coffee,so I entered this attractive coffee shop.

There are a big and striking menu in the bar counter,varieties of coffee is listed on the menu,the price of the coffee is between 20yuan and 50yuan.When I was standing in front of the bar counter,a pretty waitress asked me what kind of coffee would I want to drink.I answered she I want to have hand make coffee,but I was hesitating,I can’t decide to choose what kind of coffee bean to make the coffee.The waitress show me a bag of coffee bean and said,”this was roasted last week,you should have a try.”I asked her why,she just smiled and said nothing.I noticed there are some other coffee bean,some was roasted in September,some was roasted in October and some was roasted in November,I accepted her suggestion and ordered a cup of coffee that was roasted last week.Except this,I also ordered a cup of coffee roasted in September.

One Way Valve Coffee Thinking

When I was sitting and waiting my coffee,I observed the whole coffee shop carefully.The shop was playing very beautiful songs,it made me felt relaxed.The low light and the seat is very comfortable,some customers were reading,working or talking while drinking coffee.

The service of the shop is very good,the waitress bring my coffee to me quickly.She smiled and told me which is roasted last week and which is roasted in September,she reminded me to pay attention to the hot coffee and do not be scalded,then she left.

I drank the coffee roasted last week first,the acidity and bitterness were combined perfectly,so it tasted aromatic and delicious.Then I started to drink another cup of coffee roasted in September,I could smell less aroma than the former.And its taste was almost occupied by acidity,it had a worse body than the former,I thought it’s too bad to drank it off.I suddenly remembered the pretty waitress suggested me ordering the coffee bean roasted last week to make coffee.I was curious about these bean,I left my seat to the bar counter and asked the waitress if I can have a look of these coffee bean.She said yes in a low voice and hand me two bags of coffee bean roasted in last week and September.I opened these coffee bags carefully and smelled,the coffee roasted last week have a strong aroma,but another bag roasted in September have little aroma left.I observed the packaging carefully,the material is aluminum,and there is a coffee valve in the coffee bag,I couldn’t understand why the coffee have such a big difference between these coffee bean,why the coffee bean has been roasted for less than three months would almost lose its flavor?What cause this bad result?I though many times but have no answer.

Do you know why?If you have any answer in your mind,please share your thoughts with one way valve,I really desire to know the reason,thank you.

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Originally published 15 Jan 2016, updated 15 Jan 2016.


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