one way valve dehong coffee males debut

27 Oct 2014

one way valve would like to tell you at the invitation of Gangneung Mayor Choi Myeong-hui and the committee of the South Korean Gangneung Coffee Festival, an observation group of Mangshi City led by Mr. Sha Yuzhuang, the vice secretaryof the Mangshi Committee of the Communist Party of China and the mayor of Mangshi City and other six officials pay a visit to the 3rd Gangneung Coffee Festival which is held during October 21st to 30th in Gangneung City, South Korea.

While experiencing the extrordinary coffee culture in Gangneung City, The Mangshi observation group takes it as a great chance to reveal the uniquenesses of Dehong’s coffee products to the citizens of South Korea and international tourists.

As a guest to the festival, Mangshi observation group organized the Hogood Coffee Exhibition Stand at the event. Apart from conducting lively demonstrations oriented around different species of coffee beans originated in Dehong Prefecture, the Mangshi observation group makes energetic participation in communicating with other coffee producing regions and sharing experience and ideas on coffe products. The observation group also make some very constructive discussions with the administration of Gnaggeung City on the further cooperation of two cities.

During the tour, the exhibition brought by Mangshi observation group receives lots of focus from South Korea’s nespapers, television and radio stations.The local television makes a feature report on Mangshi’s visit.

Coffee has been popular in South Korea for long. However, the coffee plantation is severely limited by many reasons in this country. The coffee arbica growing in Mangshi City, famous for its distinctive feature of moderate but mellow flavor, becomes a center of attention in Gangneung Coffee Festival.

In addition, the Hogood Campany's coffee plantation Zone and its large soluble coffee production line also raise many coffee producer’s interest for collaboration.

It is strongly believed that this coffee festival will give a huge rise to the development to the Mangshi coffee industry for it for to gain a foothold in international coffee market.

one way valve dehong coffee males debut

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Originally published 27 Oct 2014, updated 27 Oct 2014.


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