one way valve easy enjoy good coffee

15 Dec 2015

one way valve easy enjoy good coffee

Many friends think coffee is an luxury because it is import from abroad,they think they are too poor to drink any good coffee,so they are belong to soluble coffee.Actually,one way valve thinks coffee is a general beverage just like tea.I think it’s very easy to enjoy a cup of good coffee though you are not rich enough.

First of all,use fresh coffee.Many people know fresh coffee is best,but they do not know the theory.After roasting coffee bean begin to change,it will release lots of Carbon Dioxide and mixed with other taste within 12 hours.In the next 3 day after that,the coffee bean is in the best time to drink.After half month,the coffee bean will lose it’s aroma due to oxidation,the taste of the coffee is worse than before.

Many people who know this theory have ever asked me whether the coffee of Starbucks is good,I always say,I think the coffee bean they use is good,but it cost a long time to reach China before consumed,so there is no aroma left.

Almost all the coffee experts agree that fresh coffee is the most important factor that decide the quality of coffee.So,if you want to drink good coffee,you must sure your coffee is fresh.But it’s difficult to many people to fresh their coffee,the coffee bean they buy is fresh enough,but go bad after a period of time.That’s because the coffee packaging is bad,roasted coffee should be stored well in coffee bag with a good coffee valve to keep fresh.

In addition to fresh coffee bean,an appropriate machine is necessary to make good coffee.The appropriate machine I say not equal to expensive. Of course an expensive Italian coffee pot can make a cup of good coffee,however,not only can expensive machines make good coffee,but also the cheap and simple machines.

There are a variety of machines in different price,Syphon coffee maker can make good coffee even a simple French press,what you need to do is put your ground coffee into the French press,then pour boiling water between 85℃—90℃ in tho the French press,then a wonderful coffee is ready.You only need to spend several minutes making a cup of good coffee then you can enjoy it.

Besides,a coffee grinder is need to make good coffee.Because you can feel the full aroma only when it’s fresh ground.What should be noticed is you don’t need to ground it advanced,you should ground it when you want to make and drink coffee.And you should not ground too much,how many you will use and ground how many.

If you have fresh coffee bean,coffee makers and coffee grinder,you can make good coffee by yourself and you don’t need to spend much money to enjoy wonderful coffee in coffee shop.I think your coffee can bring you a good mood and you will think it’s easy to enjoy a cup of good coffee,while you don’t need to pay too much for it.

one way valve easy enjoy good coffee
one way valve easy enjoy good coffee

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Originally published 15 Dec 2015, updated 15 Dec 2015.


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