one way valve effect coffee taste

05 Nov 2015

I love coffee,of course,I like making coffee by myself.Although I make coffee frequently,I can’t make it well every time,it will have different taste.That’s because there are many factors effect the coffee taste,it’s hard to control these factors to make the same and wonderful coffee every time.


There are hundreds of complicated compositions in the coffee,the composition would be extract to many different things with different temperature that would cause change coffee taste.So the temperature should be controlled in about 90℃,that’s the best temperature to extract coffee.

2.Fineness of grinding

Generally,fineness of grinding is related to the breed of coffee and the roast intonation,the fineness of grinding of 100% Arabica is thicker than mix coffee bean.Making a cup of perfect espresso need to adjust appropriate fineness of grinding,If it’s too thin,the coffee would be over extract,rather, if it’s too thick,the extraction would be extracted insufficient,both these would effect the coffee taste.

3.Extraction pressure

The extraction pressure should be control between 8 to 9 bar.If the pressure is too big,the coffee also would be over extract because the water flow too fast,and if the pressure is too small, the extraction would be extracted insufficient.

4.Volume of ground

Volume of ground directly related to the thickness of coffee.The coffee you like is light or strong,the volume of ground should be control well.


Tamping aim to make coffee to be extracted better.The coffee ground can not be extracted averagely if the coffee ground hasn’t been tamped.If the coffee ground is tamped too thick,it would be over extracted.Appropriate tamping should be according to the character and the fineness of grinding of the coffee.

6.Water quality

Water quality has great impact on the coffee taste.Good quality water can make more wonderful coffee.

7.Coffee maker

It’s necessary to choose a good coffee maker.In general,good coffee maker can be adjust the temperature and the extraction pressure.

8.The barista

All the factor is talked above is the passive factors,the active factor is the barista.In addition to the skill,barista’s mood also is an influencing factor.Barista can make coffee in different taste in different mood.

Paying attention to these eight factors you can make a cup of good taste coffee,but the precondition is you must use fresh coffee bean.So,though your coffee bean is in high quality,you have to try your best to fresh it.How?The simplest and the most effective way is use WOJIN one way valve to you coffee packaging to release the carbon dioxide inside while prevent the air enter to fresh your coffee.

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Originally published 05 Nov 2015, updated 05 Nov 2015.


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