one way valve filter drip coffee

one way valve filter drip coffee

one way valve would like to tell you there are many ways to make coffee, the easiest way to make coffee is filter drip coffee.This way is very convenient,the brewed coffee is more flagrant than made by other ways.But it’s so hard to control that many people can’t make the wonderful taste coffee.So,let’s discuss how to make filter drip coffee.

Firstly,you need to prepare some tools:coffee cup,coffee spoon,grinder,filter ,filter paper,filter bowl,measuring spoon,and sharp mouth pot.

Secondly,what should be prepared is appropriate ground coffee,which is in medium severe grinding,and do not forget to prepare hot water.

The operation steps is very important.

1.Fold the filter paper well and put it to the filter.

2.Pour the ground coffee into the filter and smooth the surface of the ground coffee.

3.Use the sharp mouth pot to pour little hot water into the ground coffee,wait several seconds so that the ground coffee is wet and inflated.

4.Slowly pour the hot water over the ground coffee as a spiral path.

5.Remove the brew wear when all the water finish dripping through the ground coffee.

After these steps are done,you can enjoy the wonderful coffee.Of course,this way is convenient and flexible,you can adjust the water as your heavy or light taste.

There are something should be pay attention to when making filter drip coffee.

1.Before brewing,you should let the ground coffee be wet for several seconds.

2.Remove the brew wear before all the hot water drip through the ground coffee.Otherwise,the coffee will taste not good enough.

3.To ensure the flavor,you had better to choose the fresh coffee bean.

Making coffee with filter paper is the easiest way to make coffee,it seemed easy but difficult to make control.There are many factors would effect the flavor such as the temperature of hot water,the number of the ground coffee,the grinding degree and the skill of pour water.It’s a profound knowledge to study so that many coffee loves spend too much time researching it.

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