one way valve food packaging

10 Oct 2015

one way valve food packaging
one way valve food packaging

We’ve ever talked much about one way valve and coffee packaging.As we know,coffee packaging is only a part of food packaging.

Food packaging,is an important part of food commodity and a main project in the process of food industry.Food packaging protect the food,avoid the damage from exterior factors such as biological,chemical and physical factors during the process of circulate until it is consumed. Food packaging also can keep the original function of the food,convenient for eating and attract consumers’ eyes.

Food is the most popular commodity because it is closely related to our life.Customer always take food safety very seriously,so food packaging is very important for food.

Food packaging can protect the food and extend it’s storage time.Firstly,food must be carried,handed,transported and stored during the process of circulate.The appearance would be damaged easily if it is not packaged well.Secondly,the composition and moisture of the food is the basic condition for the grow of many bacterium,mildew and yeast.If the food is stored with an improper way,these microbes will breed in the food and destroy the food.So appropriate packaging such as aseptic packaging,refrigeration or pasteurization after packaging can help handling this question and extend the storage time of food.At the same time,once the food lose it’s moisture,it will lose it’s flavor and go stale.Moisture proof packaging is necessary to be used to meed the need of keeping moisture.For many food need to be stored avoid light,vacuum packaging and appropriate material of packaging should be choose to extend it’s storage time.

Food packaging is not only good for protecting food,but also is helpful for selling.On the one hand,packaging provide consumers convenient.On the other hand,food is packaged in a variety of beautiful bags,cans or cartons can effectively attract consumers’ eyes and promote selling.

Food packaging is important for food.It requires high technology especially coffee packaging.Coffee packaging must keep freshness of coffee and ensure it’s flavor to meet consumers’ needs.Actually it’s easy to achieve if you store you roasted coffee in the aluminum bag with WOJIN one way degassing valve.WOJIN one way degassing valve is designed to keep you coffee fresh,it’s your fresh coffee partner.

one way valve food packaging

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Originally published 10 Oct 2015, updated 10 Oct 2015.


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