One Way Valve For Coffee four

One Way Valve For Coffee four

For 64% of Americans who drink coffee every day, fast and convenient coffee is essential.

In 1849, William Bo Vee resigned from the coffee factory in the city of New York post to the gold rush in California to seek wealth. But behind the big city luxury he also left a more convenient method for making coffee.

In the western United States, the people who buy is still green coffee beans, roasted coffee beans and then himself at home, and then hand grinding machine will crush them, and finally to brew a cup of coffee.

Later, William Bowie established the first coffee plant in California, the sale of packaging pre baked coffee beans. He flashes, great vision to go a step further, the world's first large-scale factory to make grinding his roasted coffee beans, and then packaged into convenient packing bag with the one way valve.

However, only a few years later, William Bowie is tired of the coffee business, so he will be the coffee company shares sold to a young employee James. James Folger's company name changed to Folger, and making it into a national famous brand, launched the daily morning coffee more conveniently wave.

The value of one way valve and storage of coffee bean

01 Jun 2019

Whatever the package form that the business choose, the one-way valve is a necessary component to add on, some information on coffee variety is provided.

Discussion on the sour taste of coffee by one way exhaust valve

01 Nov 2018

Today one way exhaust valve will talk about the sour taste of coffee.

One way exhaust valve on coffee taste

30 Oct 2018

The one way exhaust valve tells everyone that tasting coffee is usually evaluated from three aspects smell,flavour and taste.

How to appreciate coffee by one way valve

26 Oct 2018

One way valve believes that drinking coffee should be like tasting wine, first smell the aroma, and then try a small bite, that you can taste the essence of it.