one way valve grow coffee tree

25 Jun 2017

The coffee tree is planted in the tropical region, which contains the equator and south latitude 25 °. Today, there are more than 60 countries and regions to grow coffee. Coffee cultivation, is a very environmentally friendly industry, not only the artificial cultivation of coffee beans, do not need to cut down the forest, but also because it can grow smoothly in the shadows. Coffee from planting to harvest, takes about 3 years. The coffee beans planted in the nursery, two months will be sprouting. When the seedlings grow to about 40 cm, you can move the seedlings to the ridge, so that it will not suffer from direct sunlight to continue planting.

After the coffee tree grows up, it will blooms the white flowers. Although the flowers will wither in 3 days, but the flowers are like a jasmine-like aroma, the whole manor are infiltrated in the thick aroma. From blossom to yield fruit, different varieties of coffee are varied, to Arabica coffee, it takes 6 months to 9 months time. In addition, if the coffee beans mature, then must be completed within two weeks of harvest.

The harvested fruit is often referred to as "coffee cherry" because it looks like red cherry. Maybe you will ask how the coffee cherry is transformed into coffee beans? one way valve to tell you that remove the skin, pulp, endocarp, silver and other parts of fruit, you can get coffee beans.

one way valve grow coffee tree

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Originally published 25 Jun 2017, updated 25 Jun 2017.


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