One Way Valve Hand Drip Coffee

13 Mar 2017

Today one way valve went to a cafe and ordered a cup of coffee. There were not many guests in the shop. The barista was a friend of mine. On a whim, he said he would teach me how to make a cup of coffee.

I see he did feel quite simple, the coffee from the coffee bag with valve removed and ground into coffee powder, and then placed in the filter paper and then to pave the way, which inject warm water to its extraction trickling filter is completed, a rich aroma of coffee is ready. So I said: "well, looking at it very simple, it should not be difficult!"

Then give me coffee materials and appliances are ready, let me try. I think he just do the process, step by step in his process again. But it is very strange that he had injected in warm water, coffee powder will expand, forming a mushroom however, when I did not. When I ask questions, he told me: "water when you turn around, and the speed should be uniform, not when the fast slowly." although I understand, but it is not so simple, like the hand always refuses to write, very difficult to do he said.

Soon, coffee is done. I drank a cup of taste, feel a lot worse, then put forward some questions, I said: 'it seems very simple steps, how to do it will taste difference so much?'he smiled and said: "I did so many years is not a waste of time".

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Originally published 13 Mar 2017, updated 13 Mar 2017.


How do you keep coffee fresh after opening

10 Jul 2020

Remember to seal the packaging bag after taking some coffee out, so the one-way degassing valve would finish its job to keep the freshness of product.

Does ground coffee need to breathe

03 Jul 2020

Roasted coffee cannot be put directly into a sealed package, because the coffee need to "breathe", that is, the carbon dioxide gas will be released.

Why do coffee packs have an aroma hole if it is recommended to store coffee in an air tight container

26 Jun 2020

This is a hole punched before installing the degassing valve, which purpose is to discharge the CO2 released and avoid the oxidation of coffee.