one way valve how to identify coffee bean freshness

30 Oct 2015

one way valve how to identify coffee bean freshness

Now matter what kind of coffee bean,freshness is the important factor that effect the quality of coffee bean.When I buy coffee bean,I always want to identify if the coffee bean is fresh before I decide to buy it or not.There are many ways to identify the freshness of coffee bean.

1.Fresh coffee bean is round,fruitful and glossy instead of incomplete and fragmented,or in different shape and size.

2.You can put a bean on your hand or in your mouth,crush or chew it,the fresh coffee bean is crisp and it will release strong aroma.

3.Use nose to smell whether the coffee bean has enough aroma.When opening the bag,we can smell a pleasure aroma,that’s fresh coffee bean.If the coffee bean lost it’s aroma and even mixed with other smell,we can judge the coffee bean is not fresh,it’s not suitable to buy.

4.Dark roasted coffee bean would make the coffee to product oil.However,if there are some oil on the surface of light roasted coffee bean,the coffee bean must go stale.This bad coffee bean will reduce it’s body,and the bitterness and acidity would be appeared.

5.If you want to buy single-origin coffee bean,except the processes above,you also need to observe if it’s color,shape and size are similar,you should take care and avoid to buy mix coffee bean.

6.It’s a normal phenomenon if the mix coffee bean have different color,shape and size.

Freshness is the soul of coffee,learn to identify coffee freshness is very important.In my view,learn to keep coffee freshness is more important than identify. Do you know how to keep freshness of your fresh coffee bean?I think the best way to keep freshness of coffee bean is store it in the aluminium foil bag with WOJIN one way valve.WOJIN coffee valve is your fresh coffee partner.

one way valve how to identify coffee bean freshness
one way valve how to identify coffee bean freshness
one way valve how to identify coffee bean freshness

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Originally published 30 Oct 2015, updated 30 Oct 2015.


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