One Way Valve ILLY Coffee Three

01 May 2017

India is one of Asia's main supply of coffee, after Vietnam and Indonesia, where the annual production of five million bags of coffee plantations. Many coffee farmers also pay attention to the quality and sustainability of sustainable, can be viewed from two aspects, one is from the farmer's perspective, he must be able to support themselves, to farm the best. The production of high quality crops; and in the view of environmental sustainability, hoping to sustainable crop planting, and can reduce the use of pesticides and pests of crops. one way valve thinks that ILLY coffee can do these two aspects.

One Way Valve ILLY Coffee Three

In addition, in Brazil every year there are nearly forty million bags of coffee beans, coffee here park is the largest coffee producer in the world. In St Paul, ILLY set up one of the most important and the most advanced coffee University, laboratory analysis of raw coffee beans. ILLY coffee is through the analysis of the sample before buying coffee here. The coffee is carefully checked, focusing on the aroma, taste and appearance.

If the quality meet the standard of ILLY they will purchase, the taster decide how to use to transfer secret beans. Coffee beans in transit, the container must be sealed, otherwise it will change in coffee exposure. Storage conditions such as temperature and humidity will affect the coffee to keep ILLY flavor.

There are nine specific characteristics of ILLY beans, the company will choose from about four thousand different coffee beans, each more or less have these characteristics, but the proportion is different.

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Originally published 01 May 2017, updated 01 May 2017.


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