One Way Valve Life Coffee one

06 Aug 2016

One Way Valve Life Coffee one

Nowadays, coffee has already been the second important commodity only next to petrol.

The time for coffee growing is generally three years. For example, the growing method in Costa Rica is to put the germinant seeds into a container to cultivate them for a year, then transfer to a field, it takes about two years in sowing the seeds to harvest for the first time. The florescence only lasts for three days, full of the flowers smelling like Jasmine bloom in the coffee garden. Six months later, the buds turn to red fruits that the coffee beans are inside.

The pickers pick the red fruits, leaving the green fruit to become ripe. The same tree can harvest five times in three months after the fruits are ripe. The pickers try not to pick more than two green fruits by mistake. The freshest the fruit is , the stronger the aroma is. The pickers pick the fruits in the morning and carry them on their back boxes. Every box can pack two kilograms coffee beans which are enough to make two hundred cups of coffee. The fruits are poured to a bag after being picked, the bag is sent to a equipment factory of wet processing by truck in order to get processed in the afternoon.

One Way Valve Life Coffee one

In the equipment factory of wet processing, the coffee fruits are rinsed in the sink and threw in the threaded rod. The threaded rod delivers the fruits to the pulping machine to remove the skin and pulp. Then the roller pushes the fruits to the wall of pulping machine, squeezes the coffee beans out. The coffee beans flow down to two huge rotational cylinders. The cylinders can select the hard green fruits through the pulping machine. Next, coffee beans are soaking in the water, bleeding the substance sticky like honey in the beans. one way valve tells you that finally, coffee experts will touch the washed coffee beans, confirm that they are not sticky anymore and pour them into drying cabinet.

One Way Valve Life Coffee one

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Originally published 06 Aug 2016, updated 06 Aug 2016.


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