one way valve life coffee three

one way valve life coffee three

The following article is about how to change raw coffee beans into hot tasty coffee.

Firstly, the amount of caffeine coffee beans decreases after being roasted. You need to roast the coffee beans into dark roast, the longer the coffee stay in the roaster, the less the caffeine is. So the concentrated cooking method to make the espresso especially rich and mellow.

When the raw coffee beans arrive at the equipment factory of wet processing, the workers pour the coffee beans into modulator. The under part of the modulator connects with a roaster that the inner temperature heats up to 180℃. The high temperature can make the crema inside the coffee beans burn.

The coffee beans should be roasted for at least 20 minutes. The roaster has to check how it is going frequently. He will turn on the sprinkler to spray a little water to lower the temperature of the coffee beans as soon as he thinks the roasting process is complete. Then pour them into the container to cool the coffee beans by ventilation. The coffee beans will transfer from green to light brown to black while being roasted.

Barista has a standard test to the first batch before the entire coffee beans are completely roasted. They first use the a small bottle of gas to roast 300 grams coffee beans for several minutes. Then the specialized tester measure the weight of coffee beans, and put them to the electromotive grinder. The same batch of ground coffee will be brewed into four cups of coffee, and being tasted for four times for assuring the quality is good. If you want to find out the problem of the roast, you need to taste them for 20 times.

one way valve tells you while tasting the coffee, you need to move the crema on the surface of coffee to release the aroma, this skill is called destroy. Then smell each cup by turns to be aware if there is any mistake in the process of roasting. Next, pick the coffee grounds on the surface up and take a sip of coffee to taste all the aroma. Finally you will make a decision that how to make the coffee beans into a cup of perfect coffee.

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