one way valve main coffee producers in Asia

03 Nov 2015

one way valve main coffee producers in Asia

Although Coffee is origin from Africa,but it is also widely planted in Asia.There are some countries that produce coffee in Asia.


Java island is the largest island in Indonesia,Java coffee from Indonesia has ever been the representative of coffee.Java coffee mix with soft acidity,chocolate taste,earthy taste and spice taste,it is honored as thick flavor of herbs due to its special and durable aroma. Sumatra,the second largest island in Indonesia also produce coffee,Mandheling and Ankola from there is very famous for its high quality.These coffee has a very rich taste with its good body, durable aroma and earthy taste.


Vietnam is one of the main coffee producers in the world.In 2006 and 2007,its output is over 800 thousand ton and became the second largest coffee producer among the world.But most Vietnamese coffee can not be in the list of superior coffee,so it generally used for instant coffee.


When talking about Yemen,many people would think of Mocha because most coffee exported from Yemen is named as Mocha.In general,Yemen Mocha looks like pea and is smaller and rounder than others.Yemen coffee has high acidity and a kind of strange spicy,and there is chocolate taste when tasting carefully.This coffee is in superior quality,so is very popular with coffee lovers.


Coffee producing ares of China is mainly distributed in Yunnan and Hainan province.Yunnan coffee is strong but not bitter,fragrance but not fierce,and with a kind of special taste of fruit due to its unique geographical environment and climate condition.Many coffee experts think highly of Yunnan coffee,both of its taste and cultivation techniques.

Coffee producers mainly distributed in America,Africa and Asia,but a small part is in other continents such as Oceania.Australian in Oceania also produces high quality coffee.But only a little is exported because of high cost of production.Australian coffee has obvious chocolate and nut taste.

Coffee bean from anywhere has its unique character.However,the precondition is that the coffee is fresh,it can show its character obviously.Good coffee packaging is very important to fresh your coffee, WOJIN one way valve can help you to achieve this.

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Originally published 03 Nov 2015, updated 03 Nov 2015.


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