one way valve my coffee life

04 Sep 2015

Coffee has entered my life unconsciously.It becomes a part of my life.I don’t know how to treat it will be more appropriate.Maybe I should regard it as my friend,a very close friend. I only drink soluble coffee occasionally before,so I know a little about coffee.I drunk coffee only as drink,I don’t know why I drunk and what can I get from it.But something is changing since I joined WOJIN,which is a happy family that is full of aroma of coffee.Coffee is no longer just a drink,but a friend who brings me lots of happiness.

A small cup of coffee has a great magic power.It can give me a wonderful feeling.Before I drink,I am immersed in it ‘s deep aroma.When I drink it,it’s distinct sour and full-bodied taste occupy my tongue.Finally,it left the aroma in my mouth that make me aftertaste.Every moment I have coffee with my colleagues,we will sit in the rest room,talk something interesting,that’s an amazing thing.

A small cup of coffee also is a profound knowledge.How to make a cup of delicious coffee?That’s a difficult lesson to learn.As a coffee lover,I am eager for knowing the progress.I hope I can learn as more knowledge about coffee as I can because I fall in love with it.

one way valve my coffee life
one way valve my coffee life

The Tips Of Best Coffee

The best coffee it was how you roasted and how to keep in well storage environment. There are several tips help you to keep your best coffee. Firstly,storage and packing well when it roasted in time. Coffee bean would lose it’s wonderful flavor and aroma after roasted. In some of coffee trader or seller would let roasted coffee stay in wild tank for releasing the amount of gas (CO2). And to packing all of coffee! So it will losing most of flavor. Secondly, choosing an well aluminum foil bag package or tin with one way degassing valve. This was very important step. If you choosing an simply bag, it will be easy losing all flavor. Because aluminum foil bag was help to isolated the oxygen enter into the bag. Helps to keep your coffee fresh. And if your packing without one way degassing valve, your packing will turn balloon type even broken.

Well,the solution is using the one-way degassing valves that are designed for coffee package.Coffee valves that are placed in the coffee bags allow the carbon dioxide inside escape from the bags while prevent oxygen enter the bag.In this way,coffee bean can be stored in the bag immediately after roasting.we can easily maintain the flavor and aroma of coffee while do not need to worry about the effect of carbon dioxide released from the coffee bean.

How crazy Japaneses are?

What’s the craziest thing of coffee you can think?The craziest thing I’ve heard is coffee spa.Yes,there is a real coffee spa in Hakone,Japan. A very unique spa where you can only experience at Yunessun! The spa contains real coffee made with hot spring water. It has been said that coffee is an effective treatment from the recovery of fatigue, and also adds beauty to the skin. The aroma of the coffee will also perk up your senses. How Japaneses get coffee into the bath water?They make coffee in a pot and pour it.There are regular performances of pouring real coffee into the spa a few times a day.

In addition to your standard Japanese hot spring,they not only have coffee spa,but also green tea spa,and wine spa.Japaneses think it is pretty awesome to experience.Japanese definitely embraces it’s culture.

one way valve my coffee life
one way valve my coffee life

The importance of coffee valve for coffee package

I have ever seen many coffee that packaging with aluminum foil bag and kraf bag in the coffee shops.I wanted to buy some but finally I didn’t.You may want to ask me why?Price wasn’t the reason,but a detail only.There isn’t a one-way degassing valve in the bag.

Why I refused to buy coffee just because the coffee bag without a coffee valve?The reason is that I know the importance of a mall coffee valve for coffee package.

one way valve is designed to fresh coffee in the bag.The function of coffee valve is allow venting but enters the air bag oxidizing roasting coffee. If there isn’t a coffee valve in the bag,not only the carbon dioxide will have negative effect on the coffee ,but also cause the bag explode.Therefor,the the small coffee valve is very important for the quality of coffee.

one way valve my coffee life
one way valve my coffee life

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Originally published 04 Sep 2015, updated 04 Sep 2015.


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