one way valve on history of Barista

one way valve on history of Barista

Before 1980 AD, Barista was called espresso puller because at that time, there is a handle on the coffee maker. However, after 1980, there are no more handles on the coffeemaker, thus people call the bar man as Barista in Italian instead of Bartender in English. Barista means people who brew coffee. Two or more men are called baristi while women are called bariste.

What “one way valve” wants to say is, in western countries, café is a required place that everyone goes every day. Barista is the soul of the café shop. For Italy, a barista not only need to brew different kinds of coffee but also need to chat with the guests kindly and provide elegant service, therefore, the barista pays greatly attention to the clothes and appearance and need to know something about daily news, social economy, life fashion and taste fashion so that he can chat with the guests.

In addition to having deep understanding to each coffee and the origin of coffee beans, when the regular customers arrived at the store, the barista can entertain the guests at any time making the café shop feel like home to guests. Their professional ability and craft will win a lot of respect and applause. And what’s the most important are not just the nice cups of coffee, but a professional and kind barista. So the barista is the soul figure in the café and without a professional and passionate barista, the café shop shows apparently great difference by comparison.

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