one way valve on the history of latte in coffee

19 May 2018

Let “” tell you a story in 1683. The Turkish army attacked Vienna for a second time. At that time, the Viennese emperor Leopold I had sighed an offensive and defensive alliance with Augustus II, King of Poland. As long as the Polish got the news, the reinforcements would arrive quickly. But the problem was who could break the siege of Turks to send a letter to Poles. Kolschitsky, a Viennese who had traveled to Turkey, volunteered. He tricked the Turkish troops who besieged the city in fluent Turkish and brought in the reinforcement across the Danube. Although the armies of Ottoman Empire were brave and battlewise, they bug out between the attack of Polish and Viennese. When they were running away, a lot of military materials were left behind including 500 bags of coffee beans – the coffee beans which were controlled to flow out by Muslims for centuries were left in the hands of Viennese with no difficulty. However, the Viennese didn’t know what it was. Only Kolschitsky knew that was a magical drink. So he asked for 500 bags of coffee beans as a reward for breaking out. He opened the first café in Vienna called Blue Bottle by using the trophies. At the beginning, the coffee shop was not doing well. The reason was that the Christian didn’t like Muslims who were fond of drinking coffee with coffee grounds. Moreover, they were not used to the dark, bitter drink. So Kolschitsky changed the formula wisely. He filtered the coffee ground and added a lot of milk into coffee. That is the original version of Latte which is now commonly seen in café.

one way valve on the history of latte in coffee


Originally published 19 May 2018, updated 19 May 2018.


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