one way valve read and work in cafes

16 Oct 2015

one way valve read and work in cafes

Every time I go to the cafes,I can see many different people siting in some corners of the cafes.They are drinking coffee while reading or working,some look like literary youth or students and some look like high-level white collared.That’s a beautiful scenery in the city.

I often want to know why they choose cafes to read or work?Many people think that’s because the cafe is quite,but they are wrong.Why don’t they stay at homes,libraries or offices if they just need a quiet environment.Libraries and offices is absolute quite for reading and working,many people including me,think that readers and workers will be most efficient in these places.But there is a research showed that an environment with little noisy is more suitable to work for many people,maybe the most ideal place is cafes.

In China,many cafes I’ve seen is built as an old house.In these cafes,there are many collections in some corners,either movie posters or a variety of photos of travel in the wall.There must be Lijiang or Lhasa in these picture,and the photos wall called on the way.This kind of cafe always play some classical music like La Vie En Rose.The environment of these cafes do no as serious as library and office,it is casual and it can bring people inspiration,it can make people concentrate on their work and work efficiently.

In addition to cafes,people themselves is the most important factor they decide to read or work in the cafes.It is a hobby that like drinking coffee and it is a emotional appeal that like staying in the cafes,They like drinking coffee and staying even reading and working in the cafes,actually what they need is the emotional appeal.Besides,reading or working in the cafes can also enjoy any kind of coffee they want,meet many boys and girls who have the same hobby with them,or enjoy the beautiful songs there.Maybe these are the reasons why they like staying in the cafes.

In the tradition of Western Country,cafes is no only a place drinking coffee,but also the public place for discussion.Many people talk about academic,philosophy,political or any other things there,that’s emotional appeal.Although there is little noisy in the cafes,people also can concentrate on their work.

Also,I think there is another important factor can not be ignored,the coffee.Why people like drinking coffee? Coffee is so attracted because it has thickness aroma and intoxicating flavor.For many coffee lovers,how to keep the aroma and flavor is very difficult.Comparing with others ways,packaging roasted coffee in the coffee bag with WOJIN one way valve is the best way.

one way valve read and work in cafes

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Originally published 16 Oct 2015, updated 16 Oct 2015.


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